Isabel Both Yanbay

Isabel, originally from Germany has been practicing Yoga Asanas happily with her mother and sister since she was a child. During her youth, she has practised meditation and spirituality with an ever growing passion.When she was 11 years old, she traveled to India, which opened her heart and allowed her to discover the colourful diversity of the world.Frequently embarking on adventurous travels, she fell in love with a beautiful underwater world and the feeling of weightlessness underwater became her passion. Isabel spent several years in Thailand and Indonesia working as a SCUBA diving instructor.

She loves the connection between freediving and yoga, and when she finds time she enjoys freediving into the depths to relax in absolute silence of the abyss.

Whilst living in Southeast Asia and Germany, she practiced yoga with different yoga teachers from all over the world, many of whom had training in a Sivananda Ashram. Isabel wants to share her entusiasm and educate others on the benefits of yoga. She believes that yoga is medicine and that you can use it for self healing in many situations, and belives yoga should be accessable to everyone.

She ubdertook Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 at Sivananda Yoga Retreat House in Reith bei in Kitzbühel, Austria She was certified by the worldwide Yoga Alliance with the required 200 hours practise required by the Registered Yoga Teachers RYT.

Isabel teaches Hatha Yoga with influences from different aspects of the wider practise. Meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) is an important part of her practice. Due to her sensitive nature, she tries to connect with her students on a spiritual level.

She is running our yoga classes and teaching freediving courses, whilst continuing to teach SCUBA diving as well.


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