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Over the millennia Kaş has been known by many names including Antiphellos Habesos Habesa and Andifili. One that has stuck and perhaps the one that suits it best is Land of light.

One that has stuck and perhaps the one that suits it best is Land of light. Its natural beauty together with the peaceful energy that permeates your being as you spend time here illuminates the truth of its title.

In the Christ IV the century Antiphellos was a small settlement, the harbor for Phellos which stood further into the mountains. In fact as it entered the Hellenistic period. The significance of Phellos weighed as Antiphellos came to the fore and this trend continued during the Roman period. Trade that consisted predominantly of Cedar wood felled in the surrounding forests as well as sponge meant that It assumed a new significance, no longer just the port of Phellos it grew into an independent and wealthy city in its own right. Drawing people with its historical treasures, blue skies and turquoise seas, Kaş has become a center for tourists who seek outdoor activities and culture.

The quality of the dive sites in Kaş together with the incredible underwater visibility found here has lead
to its prominence as a SCUBA destination in Turkey. The suitability of the sites for freediving and the crystal clear waters make it a great location for a freediving center too.

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Kaş's Climate

Kaş sits on the western portion of Turkeys Mediterranean coastline. The summers are hot and dry, the winters mild and wetter. In short it has a typical Mediterranean climate. The humidity is relatively low compared to other places in the area. In the winter months there is still so much sunshine that but you can still experience four seasons in one day. In the morning it might be sunny, a few hours later the wind brings rain clouds rolling in. As the weather cools with the storm you might remember that its winter, while overnight the rains gather into floods. They never stay long. Its one of the things that people who love in Kaş love the most the sunshine after the rain that bathes the freshened surroundings and all of a sudden the tea gardens are full with residents wanting to soak it all up.

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The Geography of Kaş

Kaş is at the very western tip of the Antalya region. Next door to Fethiye and the Muğla area it is one of the most beautiful regions of the Mediterranean coast It sits ant the most southerly point of the Teke peninsula at a latitude of 360 12 and longitude of 290 63. The Teke peninsula with the Gulf of Antalya to the east and the gulf of Fethiye to the west. It stretches southwards into the turquoise waters of the Med.owards the north stand the Toros mountains their peaks dotted with summer pastures, cedar and juniper trees and  the lake district that marks the border of the region.In ancient times the peninsular was known as Likya, a name which is still used today. The name Teke comes from the times of the Selçuk dynasty.It covers an area of some 2,231km2 and divides the Fethiye and the Muğla region and also the Esençay region to the west and the Demre area to the east. To the north lies the Elmalı area.Looking out from the Kas bay to the south and only about half an hour by boat is the greek island of Kostellorizo, also known as Meis.By road it is 189km to Antalya and 108km to Fethiye.


The Sea

The sea at Kaş begins to warm in April and May and the swimming season then continues right through until winter. On sunny days in November and December you can still get into the water comfortably. Its not long to wait before the April rains draw back signifying the opening of the new season.The water around Kaş is generally cool because of fresh water springs which are found underwater in this area of the coast. Except for a few months during the winter this presents no obstacle to swimming and contributes to the notable clarity of the water.

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How To Reach Kaş?


The closest airports are located in Antalya and Dalaman. The distance to Antalya airport is 210km while Dalaman airport is 160km away.You can choose to make the journey on public transport or shared or private transfers from the airport, or by renting a car. If you choose to use public transport from DALAMAN you will take a Havas shuttle bus from the airport to Fethiye and then a minibus (dolmus) from Fethiye bus station to Kas . From Antalya you can take a Havas shuttle bus from the airport to the bus station, and from there take a dolmus which brings you on a winding but beautiful route along the coast to Kas


There are direct overnight buses to Kas from Istanbul. If you are somewhere else in Turkey and cant find a direct route from where you are you can usually make a connection in Fethiye.


If you wish to drive its 858km from istanbul The easiest way is to come via Afyon then Sandikli, Burdur town, Bucak, Korkutelli, and Elmali to arrive in Kas. This is the shortest route if you have a car and a spectacular one, winding through the mountains,If you prefer you can go to Antalya after Bucak and then follow the coast road west through Kemer and Finike to arrive at Kas. As a third option.You might also go from Istanbul to Fethiye and then via Kalkan to reach Kas.

Activities in Kaş

Kaş has become one of the most important outdoor sports centers in recent years.


Kastelorizo, current official name in Greek is Μεγίστη/Megisti; (Turkish: Meis ,Italian: Castelrosso), is a small Greek island located in the Eastern Mediterranean. It lies roughly 1300 metres off the south coast of Turkey, about 110 km east of Rhodes, almost halfway between Rhodes and Antalya. It has gone by several different names in its history, including Castellorizo, Castelrosso, Meis. The meaning of its current official name Megisti (Μεγίστη) is “Biggest”, a seemingly ironic choice since, at only 4 square miles (10 km²) in area, it is the smallest of the Dodecanese. The name, however, refers to the fact that it is the biggest of the small  archipelago.There is boat tribe to meis everyday from Kas. Yor can take to ferry from kas takes About 30 minutes to go there. You can spent al the day enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean island and come back to Kas or you can stay over the night and explore the night life in the island

paragliding activity

Kaş is an almost perfect location for paragliding, which can be done any time between the months of April and October. The hills behind Kaş are uniquely suited for paragliding because of their size and location and the resultant updrafts which make paragliding challenging and so much fun. Tandem paragliding leaves you free to enjoy the experience.

Children must be 9 years of age or olderand must have permission of parents or guardian. Once the parents of a child approve a flight, the child does not have to be accompanied by parent or guardian at all times. Sometimes parents want to go up with them, sometimes they want to stay in the harbour and watch them landing. Please let the pilot know in advance your preferences.

The take off point is less than 20 minutes from Kaş and at a height of 1000 meters (3300 ft). The hills are such that the gliders can safely come close to them and there are many creatures to be seen such as eagles or mountain goats. Your flight of 20 to 30 minutes will take you over mountain ridges and will give you a bird’s eye view of the Old Town of Kaş, its harbour, the peninsula and of course, the Greek island of Kastellorizo (Meis). If you try tandem paragliding, you will never forget the experience!

The pilots and their captain believe in safety first and always. They want their customers to have a great experience but a safe one. Your safety is paramount and ensured by our three experienced pilots who fly up to six sorties a day, every day, taking all sizes of passengers on this amazing adventure. Every passenger is briefed and issued with a helmet and flying suit, and all pilots carry reserve chutes and communication systems. There is no flight if there is any meteorological contra-indication on any given day.  There are no other “secrets” to safety in paragliding than these.

The Team Captain is personally responsible for checking both his own equipment as well as that of his co-pilots and in determining the attitudes and abilities of his customers. He is always monitoring the weather conditions and will call off a flight if the weather is not acceptable.

Another safety point for tandem flying is that the Team Captain always goes last after his co-pilots have safely taken off from the starting point. This way he is able to check the equipment and attitude of each passenger one last time and to help get the passenger and pilot started successfully for take off.

Kekova daily

Thousands of foreigner and local people visit this little town of Mediterranean, the capital of light, Kaş. Kaş draw attention with its history, blue and clean sea and fascinating nature.Many different tour opportunities will be waiting for you during you Kaş travel. ISLANDS TOUR  for relaxing swim sailing; KEKOVA-SİMENA-BATIKŞEHİR route for culture sailing; KAPUTAŞ-BLUE CAVE tour for a different and extraordinary travel: MEIS tour for Greek islands visit; a DINNER SAILING for a special dinner with you loved ones.

Tour on deep blue waters of Mediterranean will start at 10:00 o’clock.

After 45 minutes of cruise, first destination is İnönü bay with its secret beach and cave. During 30 minutes of swimming break there, you can enjoy the Mediterranean water and enter into cave.After the fascinating swimming break at İnönü bay, next destination is Akvaryum bay. After 45 swimming minutes at that bay in entrance region of Kekova island, delicious meals from Mediterranean kitchen will be waiting for you. After a delicious meal, our Batıkşehir visit will start. Swimming is forbidden in this region but you can take a tour on land and see historical ruins from Lycia, Roman and Byzantine periods. Leaving Batıkşehir behind, our next destination is Simena. There we will have a break for an hour. During our break; you can visit the byzantine castle, different Lycia tombs and then taste handmade ice cream. After leaving Simena, next destination is a little fishing village, Üçağız köyü. After kings’ tombs visit there, our next destination is Yağlıca bay. After swimming break for 45 minutes at those canyon-like bay, we will offer you tea, cake and fruit. After Yağlıca bay,  will complete the daily tour at Kaş harbour at 18.00 o’clock.


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